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The Personal Journey 365, the calling

The Personal Journey 365, the calling

As illustrated in the previous article, this movement of the Holy Spirit is not just reaching Christian communities; it is reaching every corner of the earth. Amidst the chaos, the confusion, the corruption and greed comes Hope in the form of a still small inner voice calling us back to our creator. This calling is our great occasion to find the Answer we have been looking for, the question is will we take heed or not.

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What’s this new movement within Christianity?

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With the advent of our current technological age has come with it an overwhelming need to find peace amidst the chaos. Our lives, our relationships, our interests are now fraught with never before experienced complexity and confusion. Within this confusion is a growing movement finding simple truth through Holy Spirit-filled small groups.

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Facing Our Goliaths

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One of the hardest things for any of us to do is to face the Goliaths in our life. That is, the one thing that we know we are going to have to do, but all too often we choose to ignore or sometimes even deny. It could be anything from facing a love one with an addiction that is destroying their life to getting honest with ourselves about choices we have to make. The point is that deep down we know that facing this Goliath is inevitable. So what do we do? Let’s look at the story of David and Goliath in the Bible. The difference with David fighting Goliath versus any other trained soldier in all of Saul’s army was simply faith. Young David spent time in the wilderness tending sheep for his father. During this time of solitude (in his wilderness) he gained a relationship with God. As a result it was only because of this relationship did he acquire the courage he needed to defeat what looked impossible to everyone else. God built up faith in David in the wilderness before he ever confronted Goliath. So when the time came, David was more than prepared, heread more

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The Personal Journey 365, the beginning

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The Personal Journey is the intimate one-day-at-time personal walk with Jesus Christ. It is about developing the most intimate relationship with Him through our day-to-day experiences. It is the essence of understanding who we are in Christ and how to walk victoriously in every area of our lives.

The Personal Journey is a journey of change,
A journey of sweet surrender,
A journey of splendid renewal,
A journey of unmistakable revelation,
A journey of restored relationships,
A journey of complete recovery,
And most assuredly, it is a journey of unconditional love for the journey of a lifetime.

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Kamal Saleem- Muslim Encounter with Jesus

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The Turning of a Ruthless Dictator from Regina Dick on Vimeo. Michael Vijaykumar was the most feared and dangerous man in India in the ’90s. Yet his own misery led him to the cross for forgiveness. He heard a voice call his name and saw a vision of Christ. This was miraculous, because up until then, Kamal was a Muslim.

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Quilt of Holes

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The story of one person’s experience as they enter heaven and how their life is described in a Quilt of Holes. The beloved story put to video and music by Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia – GNBM.org

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