Sammie’s Story

Regina Dick with Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia – GNBM.org interviews Sammie Smimmo as she begins her journey with breast cancer. She shares her testimony of surrender to Jesus Christ as she faces the major battles in her life.

Women of faith from community churches rally around Sammie’s journey to overcome cancer.

The Woodlands, Texas November 2009:  Sammie Smimmo, former successful Fort Worth, Texas business woman, struggling with the loss of her business, her home and her marriage discovered cancer in her breast after an emergency visit to the hospital due to another ailment. “It was the end of August, when I began to feel so tired and unable to breathe well.  That was when I decided to go to the emergency room.”   Sammie was under a great deal of stress and suffered from diabetes, both contributors to her elevated blood pressure.   She continued, “I was admitted to a room in the emergency ward and they got my blood pressure down then ran a stress test on me.  That was when they found the lump in my left breast.  It was deep in there.”

As a result, facing a double mastectomy, she is heroically trading despair for hope with the support of local area church life recovery and restoration groups.  “We are all standing firm in faith with Sammie, as well as others, in this battle against cancer and other overwhelming obstacles facing many these days,” is the resonant cry of these women of faith standing with Sammie on this part of her journey.  Sammie explains, “The power of numbers is amazing. These women groups that I am involved in at church have shown me this and a lot more.  They have rallied around me with unbelievable prayers and support.  I am so blessed to have them all.  God has brought us together to support each other in our times of need.”

“Sammie’s Story,” a rare video interview available online (www.GNBM.org/testimony.html), is gaining popularity in such social media avenues as Facebook.com and YouTube.com because of the faith and lessons in hope that it offers not only for those who struggle with cancer, but others struggling with personal issues that seem almost impossible to overcome.  In the interview with Sammie, when asked why she decided to shave her head, Sammie replied, “I am not going to let cancer get my hair, instead of ‘C’ for cancer; it’s going to be ‘C’ for Christ.”

Sammie’s steadfast faith and inspiring testimony has touched the hearts of many as she tells her story of moving from a $600,000 home to now living at a relative’s property in a tool shed ironically called “Simplify.”   As others hear her heartwarming story of having it all, the money, the toys, the homes and the prestige, and now despite the overwhelming odds she is for the first time in her life finding true peace and genuine love. “I’m in God’s hands now,” she says, “and I’m happier than ever before in my life.  It’s incredible, I have no fear.  I’m full of a peace, I feel him [Christ] running through my veins.  I’m so excited to work on my relationship with Christ: reading the Bible, doing my Bible studies/classes at church four days a week and attending church on Sundays.   I could be sitting home crying, but how can that help others?   I want to show others to hope in Christ like others have shown me.”

This isn’t Sammie’s first bout with tumors in her body.  Four years ago it was discovered she had a tumor in her lower bowels.  While the endless minutes passed waiting for the test results Sammie decided to pass the time with a vacation.  She refused to answer her phone, Sammie was tired of always getting bad news and she wanted not to worry about it for the duration of her vacation.   While she and her family prayed she did not have peace during this time, and was sure she was going to die.  Finally when she returned from vacation she called the doctor and got the news.  That tumor that had shown up on the x-rays when she was first diagnosed had disappeared.  She knew Christ had healed her.


In this recent stretch with cancer Sammie did not have health insurance and was referred to a non-profit organization called, The Rose (www.the-rose.org), a Houston affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure association, which helped her get the initial screening and assistance with getting funding for her upcoming medical needs with MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX.   At The Rose, she had a mammogram which confirmed the lump in her left breast.  Next she was given an ultrasound and discovered one more lump in the right breast.  They performed a biopsy on Sammie the next day and discovered there were two lumps in the right breast, not just the one.  The malignancy, as of today, is only in the left breast but Sammie says she will most likely have a double mastectomy.    “Odds are, from talking to breast cancer survivors and lots of doctors the second breast will have to be removed one day,” she says with confidence,  “so I say go ahead and do the double this time and I won’t have to go through all this again.”

When asked why go public with such a personal fight Sammie explains, “I want to share this so I can offer hope for anyone going through any disturbing instances in life.   I’m now at peace most of the time and they can be too.   I may have a five minute melt down every couple of days.  When I do, I pray not to have negative thoughts.  God has brought me everything I needed and so much more.”

With the support and encouragement of the women from these church life recovery and restoration groups Sammie is remaining strong in her resolve to overcome any discouragement or despair.  To see how many have united behind Sammie is a testimony in itself.  It is a testimony to the power and love exemplified in Sammie’s Story to others struggling with their own misfortunes.  “There is hope and we do need each other,” the resounding moral of this story, is shared with all who are supporting Sammie.

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