Humility or Humiliation?

When I began on my journey with Christ as the center of my life some 12 years ago, I had no idea what it would entail.  I was under the misguided assumption that first this initial decision to put God first was completely by my choice;  and secondly, that if I just read and study enough material or even try to glean tidbits of knowledge from the TV preachers and experts I would be able to figure out enough to please God.  And if I pleased God he would give me what I wanted when I wanted it.  With all frankness, I can say looking back now I realize that I was clueless!  I was just a babe in the woods on a journey into the unknown.

What had given me a moderate amount of success in the past was my ability to learn, or figure out, how to reach my goal whatever that might be, but this journey was different.  What worked for me in the secular world was almost useless on this journey.  It was pretty much “upside down” from anything I had known before.  But still because of my pride, and a few other nameless character defects, I was bound and determined to figure it out.

So for me to take the position of humility was the farthermost thought in my mind.  I did not know God’s way, but I was about to learn “the hard way.”   I took the path of humiliation rather than the path of humility, and for quite some time.  The humiliation came in the form of lost relationships, lost jobs, loss of my home and possessions, loss of my standing in the eyes of others, but mostly loss of my pride.

Bingo!  I finally hit it.  My pride was the very thing that was holding me from experiencing a whole new world that I never really knew existed.  “I” was holding me back from the most important revelation and experiences I could ever imagine.  The answer was so close, but “I” was so far.

Yet God in His awesome amazing grace gave me the strength to continue to move forward on this journey, to begin to discover everything I had been missing.  It was in my complete brokenness that He got my undivided attention.  Mind you, this has not been easy.  I went kicking and screaming, bargaining and crying most of the way, but without a doubt and in complete honesty I can say it has been worth it.

Changing my perspective from leaning on my own understanding to admitting I was powerless over my circumstances has opened humility’s door to complete freedom that can only found in Jesus Christ.  In humility, I leave “self” behind and open my heart, my head, and my eyes to Christ.   Through the Holy Spirit I am shown only what He wants me to know, no longer questioning the things I do not understand.  I no longer have to know, I simply trust in God and His purpose for my life and the lives of those around me.  I never knew such freedom existed, and now that I have tasted it, I feel burdened with sharing it with all those who He has made ready to hear.

For all those who have come into my life who are also on this journey there seems to be an unspoken cameraderie and a sharing that only strengthens our resolve to spread the truth of Jesus Christ.  These powerful relationships with others in Christ help each of us become that much stronger in completing the call God has on our lives.  I call see Christ’s bride the church coming together awaiting His return, and it is awesome!

Simply Devoted to Jesus Christ,

Regina M. Dick


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  1. l love you momma! You are the most wonderful mom in the world.

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