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While reading inspirational books, going to church events, attending Bible studies or meandering from church to church in search of truth has its place in our journey it can most often bring the Christian sojourner to utter confusion, and thusly to the paralysis of analysis.  For it is not in our head that we find Christ, but rather our hearts.  The personal journey is not about figuring God out, but rather discovering an intimacy with Christ through a personal relationship that nothing in this world can teach us.  No one in this world has all the answers, and no one or nothing can bring complete serenity in our lives than God.

When our need to know offsets our ability to understand, it is the time to surrender our ego –that Edging God Out syndrome.  Pride, in whatever form, will keep the most fervent follower from reaching the dimension of God’s Kingdom simply because “self” stands in the way.  It is when we reach the end of “self” that God can usher in the Grace to begin to experience truth, rather than understand it.  It is a whole new holy world way beyond our earthly comprehension.

Jesus Christ is our Great Teacher and it is from him that we are taught, everything else is merely confirmation of the revelation.  This teaching is not theory; it is the practical application of God’s Truth.  God’s divinely inspired words in the Bible come alive with practical meaning and heavenly revelation as we surrender our understanding.  To think otherwise will always lead to rebellion.  From the ego-centric paralysis-of-analysis to simple sweet surrender the journey is fraught with heartache, but in the end victory over death and eternal bliss is the prize.

At any point on our personal journey that we think that God is not the one in control, then our connection with him is suspended and we face another round of doubt and confusion as we try to find our way back.  Remember, in this earthly dimension, we are under the directive of our own free will and the deception of another whose sole purpose is to kill, steal and destroy everything we hold dear.  To give over this free choice to the One, our Heavenly Father, who knows this incomprehensible multidimensional puzzle in which our own unique life does make a difference, is to really understand the purpose of the journey.

We are undeniably God’s most magnificent creation for we were made in his own image.  This creation called man is bestowed with one simple yet most powerful characteristic – the ability to choose to love and obey God, or not.


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Regina M. Dick

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