When God, When?

Good News Broadcasting & Multimedia - Online Christian MediaI must say that this one question, “When God, When?” has plagued my thoughts on numerous occasions. When it does and I fail to take it captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ my hope starts sinks and doubt envelopes my mind. It get’s tiring sometimes when I move out of God’s plan and put my focus on the gifts and desires I think I should be getting, now! Yet in the midst of this dilemma, when I move from my head to my heart and take note of the prodding of the Holy Spirit, I realize that God is delicately giving me not just the best, but the very best. And the best includes healing and restoration for all those around me in my sphere of influence. And from this sphere of influence the ripple effect is taking place.

He brings me beyond selfish motives and opens my heart to a much bigger picture. It is the midst of this self-absorption that the Holy Spirit quickens my spirit to the foolishness of this type of thinking. Very clearly I see that we are all part of each other and part of the body of Christ. Wow! This humbles me and brings me to a change of heart (repentance).

To some this may sound very strange and not in the realm of their current understanding, but this does not make it untrue. It is when we surrender our own understanding and trust in God alone that the door begins to open to whole new perspective, and everything we have encountered in the past begins to make sense. While we are in this world, if we believe in Jesus Christ and are with Him, then we are not of this world.

If we were hidden away from the world, not having to deal with day to day issues, we would most likely come to some limited understanding of God’s ways. But we have to walk throughout each day faced with challenge after challenges with the desire to not only make sense of what is happening, but to walk in victory. Rest assured it is in the testing that moves us beyond theory or even limited understanding, but into Truth.

The most beautiful and incredible part is that we learn through each other and with each other. God knows exactly what He is doing; my part is to trust Him. So when the “when’s” start edging their way in to my thoughts I know that is when the battle for Truth is on and my part is surrender to Jesus Christ.

God has it under control!

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