Is There A Way Out?

In times of today, it seems that everywhere we look, we are enticed to try something out: alcohol, food, clothes, you name it.  It beckons and it calls to us to ‘Come and try me and buy me and your life will be great!’ But the truth of the matter is, most of the time, our life isn’t great.

Many people today struggle internally with just being able to make sense of the nonsense.  Some childhoods were not great, whose was?  Yet for many childhoods, life taught us the wrong things: hurt, anger, disappointment, loss of innocence, loss of trust in people and the list goes on.  No one should have to endure these things. For many generations, this kind of learned behavior is passed on from parent to child.  By the time that child grows up and becomes an adult? Life doesn’t look so good.

We walk around looking at life with sheer hopelessness and loneliness.  We try everything to fill that emptiness inside with anything we can find: drugs, alcohol, food, etc.  The feeling is great! For a moment, though. Then we are back to that same emptiness and hopelessness inside.  Is there a way out?

A way out is possible but we have to be willing to want it 100%.  Until we do, nothing will improve: our attitude, our friends, and our life.  When we do decide to go at it 100%? We have to want to reach out for help.  Who we reach out to will depend on how our childhood was: with God or without God. Once that is understood, then we know where to look for people to help us get our life on track.

Annette Karnes

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