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Prayer Warriors are those individuals who come together in behalf of others in intercessory prayer. These are warriors stand together in the power of the Holy Spirit to pray in unity for each other, our nation, and the world.

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Healing and peaceAnna MacKenzie211-24-2015
I have been diagnosed, schizoaffective disorder continually, and of course doctors will tell you that this will never go away. I am hearing your radio talk. For many years I had suffered and they say because I was born blue, the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck twice and a chemical imbalance in my brain or when I had my daughter its post pardon depression, stuff like that. I have to take a bunch of medication and been in the hospitals, my husband is tired of taking care of me, But, I have Freedom, I received Christ as my savior 4 years ago, but I still need the armor of God everyday! When I received Christ I'm a born again Christian and following the Lord and HE IS HEALING!! Doctors don't know that I have been off my medications for a year now, because Jesus is healing me daily, it is hard sometimes, but you do need His Armor everyday, we live in a sinful wicked world and Satan is a Liar! It is not against flesh and flesh, but principalities and power! I am more free than ever!
sound mindLori I311-14-2015
Theres been a sequence of events happening in my life and in the life of my family. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer cells in her brain. She\'s already receiving treatment for a tumor that she has. She had some tingling sensations in her face and went to get an MRI and her results were cancer cells in the brain. Now I\'m feeling the same thing but people tell me that it\'s stress and anxiety. Although I know that I\'m a child of God I still feel fear of the unknown. The enemy has been tormenting me in my mind to the point that I hear sounds And voices. Lord I want to trust you And have a sound mind. I have a husband and 3 children that need me but how do I get my mind to be still? Help me Lord I feel like I\'m drowning. I meditate on God\'s word when I get a thought that isn\'t good but I can\'t concentrate And my brain even hurts. Why does it feel difficult meditating on God\'s word. I don\'t understand! Please pray for me and my family. I don\'t want to depend on medication. God bless U
healing from PTSDchrissi b710-13-2015
recovering from church abuse.....please please pray I be healed
Prayer for my Family, Sons and DaughtersSherrel Harvey1009-06-2015
My Son Shane is seperated from his wife Vickie due to a lot of faults of his own doing however is trying to reconnect with her and she is resisting. They have 2 children and the eldest son Wyatt is very connected to his Father. Please pray Father will bring them back together for they have had happier times. He also needs to pray the prayer of salvation for inward change. I am a missionary to Israel and Europe and cannot be with my family and my father is dying. My Son Dustin also needs to bow his knee to the Lord, all my children when they were babies were dedicated to the Lord. My daughters are living so far from what is of the Lords standard. They need deliverence from so many things. I asked for my sons and daughters in hope to effect my 11 grandchildren and one great granddaughter for their better. My grandaughter is haning out with gang people and one grandson in prison from an auto accident. Please help this missionary stand in faith for my family while im away most of the time
job and unemploymentJason Wieczorek509-04-2015
PRAISE GOD!!!! I would like to first thank everyone who as been praying for me. Good news first. I was given a school bus driving route of my very own!!! I am so very excited!!!! I thank God for it, for it is only by His blessed grace i got it. Thank you again for your prayers in that. Second, I ask for continued prayer that the unemployment I filed for would now come through. I filed for unemployment that I was told I would receive, and since I have filed for it, it has not come through and has been on hold. Because of a job I had for 16 years and was let go from in January, I was able to draw. It has been almost 7 weeks now and I haven't received nothing from them. I have bills coming up I need to pay, and really would like to pay them, among other things. So thank you for praying that I would get a bus route, but please, please, be in prayer that I would receive the unemployment quickly. Thank you for all your prayers, and may God bless you.

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