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WANTED: Prayer Warriors 365 ready to fight the good fight of faith one-day-at-a-time through the Power of Effective Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ in our personal walk, for our families, our communities, our nation, and the world!

What is Prayer Warriors 365?

Prayer Warriors 365 is our current online undertaking on BLOG TALK RADIO designed to bring prayer warriors together in unity in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit for more effective and powerful prayers IN our own personal journeys with Jesus Christ, for our families, our communities, our nation, and the world.

Who am I?

My name is Regina M. Dick and I will be your facilitator through this 365 day journey into uncovering very powerful Biblical revelations into the Power of Prayer! Prayer meaning, not just a monologue TO God, but rather an intimate dialogue with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit in the fullness of Salvation – What we call the Personal Journey with Jesus Christ.

So what can you expect from Prayer Warriors 365?

You can expect:

• First and foremost, a deeper and abiding walk with our Father in Heaven as we get to know Him more intimately in our personal lives.

• Next, “We cannot truly be intimate and honest with ourselves, until we can get intimate and honest with Him.”

Since He knows US better than we know ourselves, we can expect to find freedom from the things that may have held us in bondage in the past, and encourage others on their journey to freedom.  Very important as prayer Warriors. To be able to be free from the bondages so that we are powerful –that we are clearly Intercessory Prayer Warriors.

• Third, discover the fullness of His salvation as we learn to be in this world but not of this world, understanding how to put on the Full Armor of God.  How to walk each and every day surrendered to His will and His way. Learning to have that double-edged sword sharpened through trial and tribulation that is within us within our mouths through prayer. How powerful!

• Fourth, experience the Power of Effective prayer in our lives and the lives of others. The RIPPLE EFFECT that does change the world!  Realizing that your life, my life makes a difference coming together making an even bigger difference as Prayer Warriors.

• And Fifth, the sum of it all — unconditional Agape love-that VOID-filler.  The one thing we are all trying to fill, but most never find. The kind of love that not just compels us, but propels from the inside us into fully loving God with all of our heart, all of our mind and every fiber of our being and truly loving others as we love ourselves.

This can only be accomplished through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is what you can expect from Prayer Warriors 365.

So ask yourself, could you be a Prayer Warrior?  Do you want to fight the good fight of faith and walk in victory and freedom in every area of Your life?  Do you want to come together in unity with the double-edge sword of God’s Word in your mouth sharpened to experience complete healing for yourself and others?  If you answer yes, then join us along with many others around the world for Prayer Warriors 365.

When and Where?

We will begin the journey on June of this year 2013 on BLOG TALK RADIO – Prayer Warriors 365 @  starting at Day 1 continuing to Day 365, first beginning weekly then moving closer together as the list Prayers Warriors grows.
All information can be accessed at our website which is home base! Our YouTube Channel is

Special acknowledgements to Bill Osbourne the artist for the Warriors.  Visit his website for more incredible Warrior art at

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