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Prayer Warriors are those individuals who come together in behalf of others in intercessory prayer. These are warriors stand together in the power of the Holy Spirit to pray in unity for each other, our nation, and the world.

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Pray for God's Children to be One in SpiritShiranee Nugawela305-23-2015
Let us pray for all God's Children to be one in Spirit with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit enabling us all to enter into that great grace of LOVE for each other, which will heal this wicked world and give each other a way of living in Peace and Unity.
deliverance and protectionAnonymous205-23-2015
I am a believer in Christ. Please pray for myself and son and daughter. I am a widow 2 divorced abused and rejected and betrayed.The Lord is my husband now. I am suffering many witchcraft, demonic and infirmity attacks. Have lost 2 houses and many possessions. Cant sleep peacefully.People persecuting me even family members tried several times to kill me with witchcraft. But, the Lord God has sustained us. My son lost his job and we are living on my pension. He has a Master,s Degree in Education but cant get a job. I am crying out to God to deliver us and bless us in Jesus name. This curse has been following me 17 years only because of the Lord we are still here. Please pray for our deliverance, inner healing , protection and restoration in Jesus name. Pray that all evil spirits leave my body, house, children. calling, neighbourhood and church.That God,s Angels will protect us, our homes, posessions, family and my small church.Pray for my healing especially stomach bloating,burping.Amen
set me free from demonic evilAnonymous305-22-2015
Pray to be free of demonic evil spirits in my area of where i live. Rid my unit flat from demonic evil spirits. Set me free into freedom light. Pray for a freedom light to surround my life. Pray for a delivering of evil to leave my pathway journey i am on right now. Tell the evil demonic couples who are into fornication to banish in jesus name. To leave my unit housing estate. And may know evil spirits bully or reject me. Protect my daily life. May i live a life of abundant grace love. Heal me jesus name. Heal all my family generation. By the grace of god amen.
Pray for back pain. Could be a kidney problemAnonymous405-20-2015
When I went to urine on Tuesday morning around 3.00am I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. It also happened on Wed & Thurs morning. I pray God in His infinite mercy will make me well.through Jesus name I pray
girl got shot follow upAnonymous405-18-2015
regarding: please pray for Angie who is lying in the hospital she got shot. Please pray for lil Todd and his family they are going through so much turmoil. thank you prayer partners. I love you all in Jesus name, amen..ALLELUIA UPDATE: MISS ANGIE IS DOING JUST FINE. GLORY TO GOD THANK YOU FATHER FOR ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS. thank you prayer partners for your beautiful prayers.
Opening of hearts and mindsSandi Fentiman405-17-2015
I have prayed many times for the members of my family who either know of Jesus but have not put Him first in lives or who do not believe in either God or Jesus; to open their hearts and minds to Them and the scales of darkness fall off their eyes. If only they knew of Him and His love, they would feel His abundant love and mercy.
healing and pain goneSandi Fentiman305-17-2015
Please prayer for my elderly father who suffers from a crooked lower spine; that it will be straightened and renewed. All pain gone in Jesus name and by His stripes he is healed. And may the pain in my mother's body be relieved. Amen.
healing of dementiaSandi Fentiman605-16-2015
I want prayer for my elderly uncle--Jim Lever, to be rid of the demon of dementia, healed and made whole again by the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Freedom/RestorationJudy Graham605-15-2015
Prisons ...Matt mind, sentenced reversed, pending charge dismissed, free from inside/out, filled full of Holy Spirit, he is a World Changer! ...Morgan free from same sex relationships, Power of God flowing through her, multitudes come to know Jesus because of her obedience to Christ's call on her life...Daniel total surrender to Power of God! Shake the nations for Kingdom of Heaven...Lee surrender at this young age to follow hard after God...
Devil wants us out of businessAnonymous505-14-2015
My husband, Fred, has lost faith in the ability of our business to be successful. The devil wants him to sell the practice. He signs papers Monday. Intercede. He says he can't hear the voice of God on what to do.
James Padgett & I need prayersRebecca Chaudoin605-13-2015
Please pray for James Padgett who will not go to church or has been saved. James is going through a very hard time been hurt sad situation and please pray for healing I have anxiety , depression and acid reflux need prayers thank you.
a girl got shotAnonymous805-11-2015
please pray for Angie who is lying in the hospital she got shot. Please pray for lil Todd and his family they are going through so much turmoil. thank you prayer partners. I love you all in Jesus name, amen.
a girl got shot and 2 were murderedAnonymous505-08-2015
PLEASE pray for miss Q she got in her back and hit in the head while at a friend house and 2 people got killed. THANK YOU PRAYER PARTNERS
Chronic pain Anonymous805-07-2015
I am an intercessor. I was injured in Uganda while on Christian medical mission to children\'s hospital. I have been unable to work or provide for my family. I\'m in so much pain. I believe it is warfare. Please pray for my healing. I am a nurse. Thank you and God bless you.
Please pray for my daughter that her court date well be reschedule that the judge well look favorable on my daughter. Pray that the Lord soften the judge heart pray for peace for both my daughter and me and pray that we can raise 2000 for a lawyer .surround my daughter with your prayers and she gets closer to the Lord
Pray for me to be able to contact Anonymous605-02-2015
Father God, I ask in the Precious Name of Jesus, Please pray for me to be able to contact the necessary person. I want to give my love to those little ones. Father, Jesus send Holy Spirit to me that I will find correctly the way to reach them. Jesus Come.
my daughter is illashiq gill704-29-2015
prayer for my daughter she is ill last two days she continuous vomiting i check up him many doctor but its all done from your prayer .she is now serious seen day by day we are all very upsat
please prayAnonymous604-25-2015
please pray for mrs sharon, she is going through so much and need prayer for every area of her life. thank you prayer partners. in Jesus name by the blood of Jesus.

prayer requestAnonymous504-24-2015
please pray for Phillip Eric, Kayla and Mrs Theresa... Father God knows their situations. Thank you prayer partners.
my sister baby daddy phillip is into a whole bunch of mess. pray for him for every areas of his life: i pray he is delievered from the pride of life the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye...mind will and emotions...i pray that he is delivered from his self.
deliverence for my 18 daughter on drugsAnonymous604-20-2015
Deliverence for my husband soul ties family in bondage to witchcraft drugs, pornogrophy. Desrespecting me.hostile, lustful spirit.never home.

I would like to have support for the following prayer
Many thanks if you accept to pray.

God bless you

Philippe Billard
marriage family restorationDebbie Lueck503-22-2015
healing and restoration for my family. rebuke divorce. Peace for Tyson Debbie and our children Jesse Brittany Tessa and Tiffany.

Many prayers needed and appreciated
please if there is any hopeAnonymous703-20-2015
If god really has no reapect of persons like people say
prayer for deliverance of all evilAnonymous603-20-2015
Please pray that all curses that were put on me be lifted and broken in the name of jesus and that the witchcraft that was put on me be binded in jesus name.amen. and thankyou for anyone who wil take jus a second to help me pray this evil encounter out of my life that i may one day too hav a testimony of victory to share with others that may need to hear it. Thank you
overcome homelessnessAnonymous603-20-2015
Pray that i wil find a aplace to rent and an honest landlord or rental agency. I am taking chemo threrapy hav been homeless for a year. Also for my roomate who is also homeless and takes dialysis. Please pray that this homelessness will end soon.
testimony Anonymous503-17-2015
a while ago i posted a prayer request for the prayer warriors to pray for my friend that was crafted and how she was a real life witch and how she had familiar spirits and wanted to make him her ahab. well i saw a picture of him yesterday that was texted to me because him and our daughter was together and he looked great. i said now that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s him, that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s who i know. and he and her is no longer together. Praise THE LORD ALLELUIA! GOD IS SO GOOD AND ALL THE TIME IS GOOD. TO SAVE A LOVED ONE AND THAT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'S WHAT HE DID! WE DO MATTER TO GOD! GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS AND HE STOOD AND FOUGHT FOR HIM AND DELIVERED HIM. You can tell he been through a lot but you can tell he is better and his soul was free to choose and live. ALLELUIA GOD IS SO GOOD. Thank you Lord Jesus, God The Father and God The Holy Spirit and thank you angels, and thank you prayer partners, family. I love you all. In Jesus name by the blood of Jesus amen
Please pray for Poland and our service to the GodEdmund Krzeminski603-15-2015
Please pray for:
0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann,
our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will
serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15
2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
Great stress and continuous attacks from bosses. I work in insurance corporation as programmer.
Thank you.
Edmund Krzeminski
Pray for her future journey of lifeAnonymous903-03-2015
She does not believe that Jesus Can and Will heal. Please pray for her, also her children as their souls are suffering because of her.
Prayers for My Family peace and loveGinny Huerta503-02-2015
Prayers for My Dad his just in bed can't move
Please pray for meAnonymous803-01-2015
I want to be closed up in my bedroom and don't want to meet people or be seen even outside even in the house. I pretend to like to go out when I am forced to, but in my heart I know I prefer to be alone. Please pray for me.
Thank you Lord for the Strength and Greatness of Your Right Arm Anonymous503-01-2015
I have been touched with the presence of the Strength and Greatness of the Right Arm of Lord God and I want to surrender with my whole heart to Our Lord God Almighty her life and future.
Protection from revenge - Thank you Lord for all that we have reAnonymous403-01-2015
Lord God Almighty, Precious Jesus I thank you for Your Love and Mercy. My family is learning as the days go by. I thank You Lord for this site and the Prayer Warriors I can reach out to who are one with me in union with You Lord Jesus Father and Holy Spirit.
Prayer for a smooth transition of LandAnonymous503-01-2015
Please pray for Michael to be able to hand over the deed document so that confusion is not there any more. Pray that God's Love and Mercy will encircle Duleep and the whole family. I also want to thank God for the Love and Mercy he has shown by making Duleep have faith in God and believe that it is the seed that makes the arm of God raise for action. Thank you Lord God Almighty Jesus I love you.
Prayer for residence - Thank you our prayer is answered. Anonymous403-01-2015
Thank you for prayers for us. Lord God Almighty, God of Israel has heard our prayers. Bless Israel for our Living God. Our God is One and His Name is One. Bless all you people of the Lord.
Prayer for a house - Thank you God You have heard us.Anonymous503-01-2015
I thank all you Prayer Warriors and I ask the Lord Almighty to bless all you good folks. God hears you and I Glorify His Majesty for His Kingdom is here on Earth. Thank you Lord Jesus, You are a Mighty God Lord I thank you.
Prayer for special pass - Thank you he has got it and May the LoAnonymous503-01-2015
Javed has got his special pass and Jesus has shown him His Love and Mercy. My Lord Jesus May Javed too be one in Union with You Jesus Father and Holy Spirit. Alleluia. Amen.
please prayAnonymous502-28-2015
God?.please help me,in Jesus name
Prayer for a house - Thank you God You have heard us.Anonymous302-28-2015
Thank you all ye prayer warriors God has heard us. Our faith in the Father our Creator is shown to us in what we have received. Bless the Holy Name of Jesus. Yahweh's Kingdom is here on earth with His children.
Please pray for stable over-all healthJonathan Mejellano302-27-2015
I am currently working in Saudi Arabia. Please pray for my blood pressure to be stable and that I will be able to play sports again like basketball even at my age of 41. I need to have a stable health to be able to support my mother back home and the people whom I will be blessing with in this new life that I found in Jesus.
Please continue to pray for healing + supportJonathan Mejellano402-27-2015
Here's an answered prayer: My mom's long struggle with diabetes that had kept her half blind. Her blood sugar has been controlled, she is stable. The doctors told us that her eyesight can be improved through laser surgery. I heard that it's even affodarble! Please pray that we can raise enough funds to finance her surgery soon. Thank you very much Jesus! Please keep praying for my mother - Purita Velez.
Relocation to my home country - Cebu, PhilippinesJonathan Mejellano302-27-2015
One of my plans is to go back to the Philippines and be closer to my family. As of this writing, I already have a prospect employer who can help me start a new life back to Cebu, Philippines once I have decided to end my employment here in Saudi Arabia. The name of the company who will be scheduling an interview for me in the next few days/weeks is GMR Megawide Phils, it's for an executive assistant position. Please pray that I will be able to successfully hurdle all the interviews and will get a job offer soon.
Prayer for protection for all Christians in Saudi ArabiaJonathan Mejellano302-27-2015
Please pray protection of Christians here Saudi Arabia where I am working now and that there are many Christians that we will be protected from terrorism, from ISIS threaths. Please pray that all Christians here would be safe
Please pray for blessings to close debtJonathan Mejellano302-27-2015
Please pray for my debts closure. I am struggling but it's almost there. Amidst the threats from my debtors to bring the case to lawyers or police, I pray for God's intervention, that the debtors will still give me a chance as I seek for a way. Even though the law here in Saudi Arabia is stiff about loans, that they will reconsider and extend the days for me to close my last pay to close the final amount that I owe from them. Please pray for Tasmo people, this is the company where I had my loan.
Prayer for ChildrenAnonymous202-27-2015
Lord Jesus cover our Family our Children with your Most Precious Blood and make them whole. Bless all families and specially your chosen ones Lord, You who gave us Life take care of us We beg of You Lord May the strength of Your Right Arm strengthen us and give us Life. Amen.
Prayer for a houseAnonymous202-27-2015
Father God I beseech Thee give us a home to live in. You even look after the birds of the sky and provide shelter for them, I know You love me and my loved ones more than that, please give us a house - Father I ask in the Precious Name of your most beloved Son Jesus our Lord who came to this world and did so many miracles - Father in the Name of Jesus I ask be present with us also like the wedding feast. Amen.
please prayAnonymous202-26-2015
I pray father pray that if anyone at shoocodoaoa tries to hurt tels in any way or tries to get them in trouble or make tesl lose anything i pray their evil plans will be thwarted and be replaced with a blessing for tels in a big way, i pray that all at shocaaad i pray any evil they try to do i pray they will just fall into their own nests and that tesl will be blessed even more, in Jesus name I pray Lord God and Jesus that your will be done as to whom gets in the next english and american governments and as to who is in the eu. let it be people Lord God who will help the disabled poor needy,and less fortunate and working class too,amen
Prayer for a houseAnonymous202-26-2015
We found a nice house but the owners do not like to give it to us they say - too many persons. Now again we have to advertise and find another place but that place where we saw is still vacant. I pray to God that these people will consider us.
Prayer for negativity to pass away and positive approach and newAnonymous202-26-2015
Please pray for her.

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