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Prayer Warriors are those individuals who come together in behalf of others in intercessory prayer. These are warriors stand together in the power of the Holy Spirit to pray in unity for each other, our nation, and the world.  You can join us LIVE each Wednesday evening @ Prayer Warriors 365 Blog Talk Radio

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Fill out the form below with details about your prayer request. Your Prayer Request is also being prayer for on our Prayer Warriors 365 Blog Talk Radio broadcast. The "Armor Up" currently is being broadcast @ or check out the archived broadcast of prior episodes.
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When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requester know how many times their request has been lifted up. NOW LIVE PRAYER REQUESTS ON BLOG TALK RADIO/ PRAYER WARRIORS 365 @ Call in if you would like to share your prayer request LIVE, connect in the LIVE chat room or check out the archived broadcast of prior episodes. Join the PRAYER WARRIORS coming together from around the world fighting the good fight of faith in Jesus Christ one-day-at-a-time.
Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Pray for her future journey of life2March 3, 2015View Details
Prayers for My Family peace and love4March 2, 2015View Details
Please pray for me2March 1, 2015View Details
Pray for her future journey of life2March 1, 2015View Details
Thank you Lord for the Strength and Greatness of Your Right Arm 2March 1, 2015View Details
Protection from revenge - Thank you Lord for all that we have re2March 1, 2015View Details
Prayer for a smooth transition of Land2March 1, 2015View Details
Prayer for residence - Thank you our prayer is answered. 2March 1, 2015View Details
Prayer for a house - Thank you God You have heard us.2March 1, 2015View Details
Prayer for special pass - Thank you he has got it and May the Lo2March 1, 2015View Details
please pray2February 28, 2015View Details
Prayer for Children1February 28, 2015View Details
Prayer for a house - Thank you God You have heard us.2February 28, 2015View Details
Please pray for stable over-all health2February 27, 2015View Details
Please continue to pray for healing + support2February 27, 2015View Details
Relocation to my home country - Cebu, Philippines2February 27, 2015View Details
Prayer for protection for all Christians in Saudi Arabia2February 27, 2015View Details
Please pray for blessings to close debt2February 27, 2015View Details
Prayer for Children2February 27, 2015View Details
Prayer for a house2February 27, 2015View Details
please pray2February 26, 2015View Details
Prayer for a house2February 26, 2015View Details
Prayer for negativity to pass away and positive approach and new2February 26, 2015View Details
Prayer for negativity to pass away and positive approach and new3February 22, 2015View Details
Prayer for residence2February 22, 2015View Details
Thank you 2February 20, 2015View Details
threat removal:2February 18, 2015View Details
Prayer for a house3February 16, 2015View Details
Prayer for a good school for them2February 16, 2015View Details
Prayer for smooth transition of Land4February 14, 2015View Details
Prayer for special pass4February 14, 2015View Details
Pray for a New start/New sponsor/New company4February 11, 2015View Details
Prayer for a house3February 10, 2015View Details
Protection from revenge4February 10, 2015View Details
Financial Struggles/Debts/Depression/Dishonesty3February 7, 2015View Details
healing3February 7, 2015View Details
Thank you - 4February 7, 2015View Details
Untitled1February 7, 2015View Details
Prayer for a residence 2February 7, 2015View Details
Prayer like Psalm 102:283February 7, 2015View Details
Pray for the 2 little ones be guided by the Holy Spirit 3February 7, 2015View Details
Pray for xxxxxxx to be released from bad relationship and come t3February 7, 2015View Details
Please pray for our service to the God3February 6, 2015View Details
gov...etc4February 4, 2015View Details
thank you father for all you have done for me i pray you will an4February 4, 2015View Details
please pray for san' to get breakthroughs in all areas of their3February 4, 2015View Details
plz pray for mt to lose weight3February 4, 2015View Details
Untitled2February 4, 2015View Details
Prayer for a residence 5February 1, 2015View Details
Thank you - 3February 1, 2015View Details
Troubled youth in rebellion5January 31, 2015View Details
my friend has been given 4 to 6 months to live 6January 29, 2015View Details
deliverance from the attacks of the enemy4January 29, 2015View Details
Prayer Please4January 27, 2015View Details
bishop needs prayer4January 24, 2015View Details
Financial Strength and Strong Breakthrough 4January 22, 2015View Details
Financial Strength5January 22, 2015View Details
pray for healing3January 19, 2015View Details
Financial Strength5January 16, 2015View Details
father i pray IJN that edc and te will, find jesus and be marrie3January 12, 2015View Details
We read from Genesis2January 10, 2015View Details
I love the thought o2January 9, 2015View Details
Family3January 9, 2015View Details
Now I'm like, well d3January 9, 2015View Details
I need a miracle baby this year4January 8, 2015View Details
Please pray for our service to the God5December 20, 2014View Details
Prayer Request - Health & Healing4December 9, 2014View Details
marriage4December 2, 2014View Details
i pray for tes' to start their own successful bussiness at the 3December 1, 2014View Details
Request from India6November 29, 2014View Details
for s' prayers to be answered 5November 22, 2014View Details
finances3November 22, 2014View Details
Husband to turn to Christ/return home5November 21, 2014View Details
please pray5November 11, 2014View Details
worn5November 10, 2014View Details
kidney stones5November 10, 2014View Details
to rid my life of Daniel Thompson who is a HACKER/STALKER4November 3, 2014View Details
God's Will to be done4November 2, 2014View Details
Creative miracle in eyes5October 16, 2014View Details
Me4October 15, 2014View Details
Breaking chains7October 9, 2014View Details
pray for me and my friend 5September 30, 2014View Details
For my mom Rosalie to be healed of all physical, mental and spir6September 28, 2014View Details
i need prayers for my friend immediately 6September 24, 2014View Details
My finances and a better job4September 24, 2014View Details
breakthrough5September 23, 2014View Details
Revival and breakthrough5September 23, 2014View Details
pray for my friend7September 20, 2014View Details
pray for my sister5September 20, 2014View Details
Fear5September 20, 2014View Details
Multiple breakthroughs needed7September 16, 2014View Details
pray for my friendship 7September 13, 2014View Details
prayer for Gods help9September 3, 2014View Details
a prayer for jerusalem9June 14, 2014View Details
keep us from tempation6June 11, 2014View Details
Help us Lord please6June 11, 2014View Details
healing6June 5, 2014View Details
Jewish Nation 6June 1, 2014View Details
God is able5June 1, 2014View Details
pray for God deliver me from transgenre6June 1, 2014View Details
The monument of satan is a big no no 8May 31, 2014View Details
update on Son4May 30, 2014View Details
brought me this far6May 30, 2014View Details
prayer for a friend6May 29, 2014View Details
praise report6May 29, 2014View Details
unidentified abdominal pain5May 29, 2014View Details
Untitled6May 28, 2014View Details
pray for God help Carhene and Geraldine to be a prayer warrior6May 28, 2014View Details
hair and scalp10May 27, 2014View Details
pray for agbohou familly8May 27, 2014View Details
i need help in prayer8May 27, 2014View Details
pray for my familly 8May 27, 2014View Details
pray for my grand mother valmorin marth9May 25, 2014View Details
VERY, VERY URGENT!12May 25, 2014View Details
Answered Prayers - Update7May 24, 2014View Details
praying for the sorcerers, for Jesus forgive them, for closing t8May 24, 2014View Details
This family is in need of a financial miracle for their miracle 9May 24, 2014View Details
Civil Court Case8May 23, 2014View Details
Financial Blessing7May 22, 2014View Details
Recover bonds with family9May 22, 2014View Details
hearts return back to Christ.8May 22, 2014View Details
praying for right connections8May 21, 2014View Details
Help in doing spiritual warfare8May 21, 2014View Details
praying for certain families who really need it8May 21, 2014View Details
pray against the enemy hinderances 8May 21, 2014View Details
taking back8May 21, 2014View Details
Bereaved8May 21, 2014View Details
pray for United Kingdom and France8May 20, 2014View Details
Breaking ungodly soul ties9May 15, 2014View Details
Marriage 9May 13, 2014View Details
spiritual warfare to set free the soul of a loved one10May 13, 2014View Details
Young man with P.T.S.D. struggling with severe depression8May 13, 2014View Details
SALVATION8May 12, 2014View Details
Brother With Kidney Ailment8May 12, 2014View Details
Employment9May 9, 2014View Details
Come against and break the bondage of the fleshly desires9May 9, 2014View Details
Need help for my learning disability, and grandsons 8May 9, 2014View Details
Prayer for Mex. 8May 8, 2014View Details
breakthrough11April 30, 2014View Details
Healing,Employment10April 29, 2014View Details
Miracle for Chloe9April 27, 2014View Details
God's Help10April 27, 2014View Details
Praying for Brian's 2nd healing of cancer13April 24, 2014View Details
Jesus Protect me and Release me.9April 24, 2014View Details
Praying fir my sons education8April 15, 2014View Details
Leasing my home11April 14, 2014View Details
Life promises9April 10, 2014View Details
Please pray for me11April 4, 2014View Details
Healing10April 3, 2014View Details
Become Consistant in Prayer7March 31, 2014View Details
Prayers needed8March 31, 2014View Details
A long and successful employment...7March 28, 2014View Details
For my best friend8March 21, 2014View Details
John 14:12-14 Verily7March 21, 2014View Details
I love this idea, Ma6March 19, 2014View Details
A-Team trip to Malaw6March 19, 2014View Details
My husband was dagen5March 19, 2014View Details
that when she prayed5March 19, 2014View Details
ECHOgram for Tuesday5March 19, 2014View Details
he felt the same way6March 19, 2014View Details
From Superintendant 5March 19, 2014View Details
From Superintendant 5March 19, 2014View Details
Why Pray for the 10/8March 18, 2014View Details
Thank you for the up5March 18, 2014View Details
The message was grea5March 18, 2014View Details
Blessings Courtney, 5March 18, 2014View Details
Praise the lord.I li5March 18, 2014View Details
I used to be so bad 5March 18, 2014View Details
I totally agree with5March 18, 2014View Details
Thank you for this p5March 18, 2014View Details
Thank you all for th5March 18, 2014View Details
Courtney- You alway5March 18, 2014View Details
Hello, I have been a5March 18, 2014View Details
Unity5March 17, 2014View Details
Leasing a home going up for Sale5March 16, 2014View Details
I have not had a fulltime job in over 5 years, I need a fulltim7March 16, 2014View Details
Ilness6March 12, 2014View Details
health7March 6, 2014View Details
Ugent Please pray!7February 27, 2014View Details
Grieving and strength7February 25, 2014View Details
Deliverance, f strong holds, 8February 25, 2014View Details
Trusting God for a job8February 18, 2014View Details
Family's complete conversion to Jesus Christ7February 5, 2014View Details
pray for employment, provision and healing7February 3, 2014View Details
test of faith6February 3, 2014View Details
Deep depression healing of my girlfriend who is searching for Go7January 25, 2014View Details
For my friend mark who has multiple sclerosis6January 23, 2014View Details
,i took a divorce in last two year, i wann go to my Husband my 6January 22, 2014View Details
Wisdome/walk with GOD/ walk according to Will of GOD ,Serve to L5January 22, 2014View Details
Healing for Dad and Breakthroughs at work for Mum and Sister5January 14, 2014View Details
Health Issues5January 9, 2014View Details
HELP5December 27, 2013View Details
Multiple Breakthroughs needed! 5December 27, 2013View Details
Resteration,salvation, peace, and happiness. 5December 17, 2013View Details
Miracle prayer request for deliverance and healing5December 8, 2013View Details
My Unsaved Family to be Saved5November 25, 2013View Details
spiritual growth, church growth, finances5November 24, 2013View Details
Marriage restoration6November 7, 2013View Details
EDV Youth5July 31, 2013View Details
Increase the anointing prophet seer gifts5July 1, 2013View Details
HQXROwOXDNEpEB7May 31, 2013View Details


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