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Prayer Warriors are those individuals who come together in behalf of others in intercessory prayer. These are warriors stand together in the power of the Holy Spirit to pray in unity for each other, our nation, and the world.

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job and financesJason Wieczorek208-26-2015
I have been on unemployment this summer & able to claim due to a job I had until I was let go after the new year due to downsizing. I could have found a job to work during the summer, but I am also the bus director for my church as well as the bus driver,& we had many trips that were being taken this summer, & I see it as God first, job 2nd, when I can. Well with so many trips planed I figured us the unemployment to get me through the summer. It almost worked. Unemployment said I could do it, & since has now 7 weeks of payments held up. Thank God for family that have helped me with bills. With my job, I do not have a normal bus route yet, but with trips, I can make it. Praying for a normal route though. I am asking for prayer, one that this unemployment would finally go through and I would receive payment, & two, I am asking for prayer that somehow very soon I get a regular bus route. So please, I ask pray for these things, & I thank you from the bottom of my heart, & God bless
Healing and God;s protectionAnonymous907-30-2015
Please intercede for me. I am having demonic attacks at night against my head and body. A new neighbour moved in next door recently and he is an anti Christ, has a big Buddha statue at his door and a Python snake in his flat.He has strange comings and goings, Since he;s here I cant sleep peacefully cracking in my room most of the night. Please pray that God will speedily relocate him far from me give him a job far away and give him deliverance,( Vincent). Pray for angels to protect us and the blood of Jesus Christ to purify and pprotect my home, family and possessions.Pray for healing for me as i have suddenly developed severe Headaches and neckpains. I know it is witchcraft and spiritual attacks coming at me because I,m a Christian . I love the Lord and trust ,lean on and have faith in the Lord Jesus for total healing and peace in my life. Thank You
God bless you all.
deliverance Anonymous507-29-2015
need urgent prayers to be delivered fm blk magic on my fly. for SJR to find n hv favors in the examiners eyes n to find Jesus has her saviour.
For baptism of Holy Spirit.Annie Joseph707-25-2015
I want the baptism of the Holy Spirit
Healing and provision Anonymous907-16-2015
My husband is suffering from depression and he thinks the mouth's cancer has returned!He was let go from his job earlier this year.Pray for his salvation above all. We unless the Lord intervenes have to sale our home and try to find a place to live, but without us working it makes it difficult. Pray that I will find a job too. Pray for my daughter that she focus in her school.Pray with me for a dear brother in Christ, who is moving out State, for him to find better place to live and assistance. Thank you so much for your prayers, it said that if two pray in agreement in Christ love, that prayer gets answer faster.I loose Jesus' blood against the spirit of depression,cancer,and lack.I pray for those who will pray with me, that our Lord answer their prayers as well.
Winning souls for ChristAnonymous907-09-2015
Pray my strength in the Lord to win many souls for Christ to be healed, delivered, and set free. And supernatural provision to help build up the Kingdom of God in these last and evil days.
Son Anonymous707-09-2015
Please pray God allow my son come home with me from meeting with po and court tomorrow. God finally just opened up the door to let someone help him with his walk back to Christ and answered my prayers
For Financial HealingAnonymous907-07-2015
Please help me pray for financial healing. I am currently unemployed and have no one to run to. I wish to continue looking for work but do not have the means to do so as I can not even provide for my basic necessities right now. I am getting desperate. Please pray for me. Thank you.
pray for all evil fornication in my areaAnonymous607-04-2015
Please pray the fornication couples in my area. To leave my unit apartment building estate. In a god grace deliverance of all evil forces to banish and to move away by the grace of god love. Pray for a connecting community of hope peace to surround the total vulnerability of the community. Pray for love understanding peace to fall into a centred direction of safety protection. God grace help me in finding real reality peace. Amen.
please pray for usAnonymous807-02-2015
please pray for me I went outside to my car and there was a blood smear on my back window on my passenger side... I had cold water and tissues so I wiped it off and begin to plead the blood over my vehicle and over myself and just pray... God has said that no one can hex what he\'s blessed..please pray for family and and a good friend of mine Jesus name by the blood of Jesus amen.

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